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If you would prefer to make an appointment to discuss water supply, heating, drainage or a gas supply issue simply complete the details bellow and Rates Mates will contact you within one working day to set a convenient time.

North Shore based plumbing design, construction & maintenance. Lower your water and energy costs, repair Gas Leaks, Water damage, Cisterns, Jetter drain Sewer & Agricultural drains unblocked, Grease traps clearance, Hot Water supply repairs Thermostatic mixers and backflow valves, Gasfitting, WC repairs, kitchen Laundry and bathroom installations, grey water and environmental system consulting & installation 24/7 Emergency pluming . Licensed & ensured Sydney New South Wales Australia



Any plumbing repair or maintenance should be always done by a licensed trades person or your manufacturer’s warranty and your building and content insurance could be voided. Your Mates Rates plumber Sydney will happily give you advice and ensure that you take the best course of action and avoid costly mistakes.

Always keep an eye out for dripping taps in your home, office or garden, toilet cisterns that continually run, leaking hot water tanks and valves, damp spots in floors walls or ceilings, hard to turn or noisy taps or sinks that drain slowly. These are the common early signs of a minor plumbing issue that could result in serious damage and cost you money if not promptly attended to.

(02)9191 7369

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