The Plumbing Terminologies You Should Know

Different industries use their own vocabulary when referring to the tools, people, and techniques they use. The plumbing industry is not any different.

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In case your property’s plumbing system has an issue, you’ll need to describe the nature of the problem to your plumber. This way, they’ll know how to fix the problem. Here are some of the most common plumbing terminologies.


Copper Pipes

These pipes are self-explanatory. They’re made of a copper-based alloy or copper in its normal form. These pipes are very reliable. While these pipes don’t move easily, their tubing moves around easily. Copper is a great pipe material since it’s rust-resistant.

It also boasts of being highly durable. Thus, it can last for many years without damage. However, they can corrode. The corrosion causes leakage. If you care a lot about durability and the overall quality of drinking water, copper pipes will be ideal for you.



Sewer lines and drains are a crucial part of any plumbing system at home. Drains are openings used for draining wastewater into the sewer or wherever it can undergo treatment for reuse. Tubs, toilets, and sinks have drains.

You can also notice open drains on some floors, especially in the shower stall or in the tub. Such drains have protective covers for trapping debris, such as hair, which have the potential to block or clog the drain.



A flapper is usually found in the toilet. It moves while opening and closing to allow water to flow. In case the flapper malfunctions, you’ll be unable to flush your toilet properly until you get it fixed.


Master Plumbers

Master plumbers are individuals who have practiced plumbing for at least ten years. This is after successful completion of apprenticeship and journeyman part of training.

They have to pass examinations related to the practices, codes, and tools used in the plumbing industry. Master plumbers usually run their own plumbing businesses and they get new jobs regularly.

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