Clearing a Clogged Drain- Hydro Jets Vs Snake

Chiswick Plumber Guy says many people are never sure about the method to use when unclogging a sewer line or drain. It’s confusing when figuring out whether to use a drain hydro jet or drain snake. The method to use, just like in most plumbing jobs, should be based on the nature of the issue with your sewer line or drain.

Before making a choice, it’ll help to know the pros and cons of each option. While both options are effective at what they do depending on the nature of the problem, they still have their own shortcomings.

When facing a challenge on which option to choose, you’d rather call an expert to ensure the drain issue is resolved professionally.

plumber using a plumbing snake to unclog drainage

Plumbing Drain Snakes

Plumbing snakes are also known as plumbing augers. Whichever name you might hear someone calling it, both names refer to the same thing. Basically, a snake is a lengthy metal tubing that houses an interior cable with a crank on one end and a corkscrew auger or blades at the terminal.

The end that has an auger is usually inserted into the drain. Once done, the snake crank is basically turned such that the cable becomes extended to reach the clog.

As you turn the crank using some force, it will create an opening through the drainage clog or it will twist the clog around the metallic coil and auger to pull it out. Plumbing snakes are either straight or bent.

Straight snakes are used for unblocking sink drains. The ones that have a J-shaped bend are used for unblocking toilet bowls.

There’s also a larger snake with a motor, generally used by experienced plumbers. DIY experts can also rent it from plumbers.


Snakes have been used by plumbers and homeowners for many years to unblock drains. Thus, they’re reliable and effective for removing some clogs.

Using a snake is considered a gentler technique of unclogging drains, especially those with weak pipes that cannot withstand the extreme pressure from hydro jets. Thus, a snake is ideal for unclogging older plumbing lines.


The effectiveness of using a snake to unclog drains is limited. Although it makes a hole through the drainage clog, the hole is as small as the size of the snake tip.

Thus, it’ll only clear the clog by creating a small opening for wastewater. It will still leave behind some clog. Although it’s effective for removing clogs, it only works as a temporary solution.


Hydro Jets

Hydro jets are sophisticated tools for clearing blocked drains. This tool comprises of a hose and high water pressure. Special nozzles are attached on the terminal. The hose is then connected to a pressurized water machine. The pressure forces water through the drain to push away any clogs.


hydro jet sewer drain cleaning machine

The water pressure, as it exits through the special nozzles, forces the waste build up, hair, oil, grease and other kinds of debris that may be clogging the sewer line to pass down the drain. The force is extreme such that it can even break up tree roots as it forces its way through the drain.

Before using this method, it helps to start with inspecting the drain using an appropriate camera. This assists in checking whether the drain piping has any damages before unblocking it with the hydro jet.


Hydro jets do a good job when clearing sewer lines and drains. They’re ideal for cleaning all kinds of clogs, even the toughest clogs such as tree roots.

They’re ideal for both commercial and residential use. All that you need is using water pressure to clear the sewer line or drain. Thus, they’re environmentally-safe to clear clogs since no forms of chemicals are required to remove debris.


Hydro jets are not safe for DIY unclogging. They may damage older and fragile pipes due to the intense water pressure involved.

Luckily, professional plumbers can start with inspecting your sewer line using an appropriate company to assess the piping and determine its structural integrity.

In case the piping is weak or damaged, hydro jetting would not be a good option since it may cause more damage than resolving the problem.


The Most Ideal Unclogging Method Demands Some Experience

The best option for clearing clogged drains or sewer lines depends on the cause of the problem. For instance, a snake would be ideal for unclogging a slow-flowing drain or removing occasional drain clogs like food material in the drainage pipe, accumulated hair that may be blocking shower drains and tubs, or drain pipes clogged with toilet paper or small toys.

Hydro jetting is best when snaking and plunging are ineffective. However, always contact professional plumbers for snaking or hydro jetting jobs. Experts know the techniques of operating these tools safely without causing any further damage to your drain piping.

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