Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink Drain

It’s generally unsettling and annoying when a bathroom sink fails to drain water properly. The main cause of this problem is a clogged drain.

Here are some tips and tricks from Chiswick Plumber Guy for unclogging sinks and preventing the problem from occurring again.

Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

Start With Cleaning Out the Sink Drain

First, clean the drain. Most homeowners take their sinks lightly. This is because sinks are typically used for brushing teeth, grooming, and shaving. It’s also where everyone cleans their hands after visiting the toilet. Other people use sinks to rinse water bowls used by their pets.

While using sinks, a lot of debris falls into them. This includes sand from pet bowls and hair from shaving. With time, debris may collect and form a clog in the drain. Start with lifting the plunger off the sink. Then clean out any debris stuck inside.


Use a Plunger

If the first solution fails to work, lift the sink plunger and allow water to run for one or two minutes. Then use a cup plunger to unblock the sink.

The suction cup will force out the clog. If it does so successfully, water will start draining smoothly. If this solution fails to work, try to clean the trap.


Cleaning the Trap

In case the previous solutions have failed, it means something else might be blocking the drain. Check whether the sink drain trap has a problem.

The trap is usually located around the pipe under your sink. You may have to put a bucket or bowl to catch any water that’ll come out as you remove the trap. Upon removing the trap, clean it and reattach it back on the pipe.

Once done, water should flow smoothly. However, if this fails to work, then you’ll need to contact a professional plumber since the problem might be more complicated.

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